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All aboard the Pug(gle) Boat!

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Since the Mama is gallivanting around Universal Studios today, being chased by Walkers and such, one of my friends was kind of enough to step in and make sure my poor, neglected blog got SOME attention! Everydoggy put your paws together for the always awesome, totally fantastic puntastic PupFan from I Still Want More Puppies. We are so honoured to be host to one of their classically awesome link posts!

All aboard the Pug(gle) Boat!
I’m honored to be guest posting on Kol’s Notes today. For today’s post, I decided to put together one of my signature link roundups – this time with a Puggle twist!  Let’s get to it:
  1. First up, a few punny pet names to get us started: Michael Puglas and Pug Flutie.
  2. Before we get started, bone up on your Puggle knowledge with this video.  Don’t confuse them with Muggles.
  3. Need some decorating help? You can’t go wrong with a Puggle painting. (Especially one featuring the Puginator. )
  4. I love a punny song… especially one involving a Puggle!
  5. You guys… Etsy has a wealth of Puggle stuff. I could get lost in there. A few of my favorites: a Puggle calendar , so that you know when to send those Puggle valentines ; a t-shirt bearing a wise message; the cutest cake toppers I’ve ever seen; and the most awesome Nativity (Pugtivity?) scene ever.
  6. Beware the Wampug!
  7. Having trouble sleeping? Try a little Late Night Puggle Snuggle. I bet it works.
  8. Next time one of my friends has a baby, you better believe they’re getting this card  and this hat. Turning a baby into a Puggle… why not?

Finally, no link roundup is complete without a video. I think that Bella and Tavish would like learning this trick. Bella in particular would be a fan of anything that ends in a nap.

That’s all for today, Puggle fans. Always remember: a Puggle a day keeps the doctor away.

Kol’s Note: See how awesome she is? PupFan, THANK YOU so much for sharing the linky love! 

Want more pawtastic puns and linky fun? Head over to I Still Want More Puppies for No Frown Friday!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.