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7 Handmade Gifts for Dog Lovers that You Can Buy or DIY

7 Handmade Gifts for Dog Lovers that You Can Buy or DIY

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There is nothing so lovely as a thoughtful, as giving a heartfelt handmade gift. I’m not talking about when Great Aunt Mildred crochets you a bunch of tea doilies you’ll never use (what is a tea doily for?) or when your kind neighbour gets a hot deal on scratchy puke green yarn and wants to use it all up. Those are handmade gifts, but they aren’t the type anyone really wants. That said there are some really wonderful handmade items that you can gift the dog lover in your life for a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

a balck ppuggle lays on the floor surrounded by turquoise and lime green Christmas balls looking sad
Normally, I absolutely love wandering the mall looking for the perfect gift, but I think this year, I’m going to be less excited and more like this. That’s a big nope face.

And the great news is, even if you aren’t crafty, don’t have a lot of time or just don’t feel like creating them yourself, all of these gifts can be purchased from talented makers on Etsy.

Your dog-loving friend will still love the gift and you get the warm fuzzies knowing you supported a small, home business making a direct impact on someone following their dreams!

It’s a win/win. Here are our suggestions for amazing handmade gifts for dog lovers that you can buy or DIY.

1. A Heartfelt Layered Paper Pet Portrait of their Favourite Furry Friend

Circles of cards stock in red and blue surround a dog portrait made from pieces of layered paper showing a golden coloured chihuahua
Photo by PurplePaperPeople

Every dog owner I know is always super excited to receive custom art of their pet. I have almost a dozen portraits of Kolchak and Felix and frankly, it’s never enough. I always love receiving new ones. I love the look of these textured paper pet portraits. They’re so different than the usual digital drawings and watercolours!

Get this adorable cartoon style layered paper portrait from Purple Paper People on Etsy.

Want to try your hand at minimalist layered paper pet portraits? Try out our tutorial found here.

Layered paper is used as a background to create a brightly coloured green abstract DIY pet portrait. The portrait is on a cardstock background of pink and green flowers.

2. This adorable matching mask, bandana, and scrunchie set

folded, surgical style fabric masks in bright blue, yellow and lemon patterns sit with a matching scrunchie and matching bowties for dogs.
Photo credit: Chucklehounds

SCRUNCHIES ARE COOL AGAIN. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. My 90s kid heart could not be happier. The temptation to have Kol and me in matching collars and scrunchies 24/7 is real. Bonus: pandemic-era fashion tip, why not get a matching mask or bandana as well? You’ll make the cutest team.

You can snag these matching masks, bandana, and scrunchies from Cuyco Calligraphy at Chucklehounds.

Or hand make them with love using this DIY Matching Mask, Collar Covers & Scrunchies Tutorial.

Matching black and white buffalo plaid fabric face mask, matching scrunchie and dog collar. Text says: DIY Collar Covers with matching masks and scrunchies

3. This sassy doormat that lets guests know dogs are part of the fam.

a brown coir dog mat says "welcome. we hope you like dog hair" with shoes and flowers surrounding it.
Photo Credit: Imagineered

This time of year is like PEAK muddy paw/show season, so an adorable door mat is both a thoughtful and practical gift for the door lover in your life. We like options with a little sass.

This “let’s keep it real” dog hair warning mat can be purchased from Imagineered on Etsy.

Or you can DIY your own doormat using this tutorial from Burlap and Blue

a brown coir DIY Dog mat says *pawprint* I hope you love dogs

4. Like many people, I’ve bought a lot of plants in 2020. Speak our Dog lady, plant mom love language with a painted planter and a dog friendly plant.

a hand is holding up a painted white terracotta pot with a black rim says :rescude dogs. plants. coffee." against a grey brick background
Photo Credit: Rally and Roots

I LOVE IT. These custom plant posts can be personalized to say pretty much anything you could ever want, are packed with love and care and since they’re terracotta based are great for your plant babies. Just add a pet-friendly plant and go.

Snag one from Rally and Roots on Etsy.

Or, get crafty and hand letter one of your own using one of the ideas in this DIY Plant Gifts post from Creative Ramblings

a small white plant pot sits on a wood round with an aloe plant in it. In handwritten  paint pen it says "you had me at aloe"
Photo Credit: Creative Ramblings

5. FOOD IS LOVE – or so my puggle would have me believe. Give the gift of love this holiday with personalized treat jars.

two clear glass dog treat jars with silver lids are on a wood table. They say "Cooper" in type and "Rosie" in script with brown pawprints behind the lettering.
Photo Credit: Maddy B Designs

One of my favourite parts of the holidays is the cookies! I love ’em. Kolchak loves ’em. There are so many fantastical cookies to enjoy. Fill a personalized dog treat jar with a delicious homemade dog treats and – for extra special bonus friend points – get one with your friend’s name too and fill it with human cookies for a cute gift.

You can order these understated custom dog treat jars from Maddy B Designs on etsy.

Or make your own DIY Dog Treat Jars using vinyl letter stickers. It’s so easy.

Two DIY clear glass dog treat jars sit on a marble table. They say "dog treats" and "human Treats"

6. Is there anything cozier than warm knits on a chilly day? Warm up with these matching dog sweaters and scarves.

Is my dog the only dog who like…cries if you go our in the cold without putting his sweater on? Kol is a very delicate flower. I love the idea of cozy winter outer wear for humans and dogs that can match! It’s just so cute. This is my fall/winter dog mom vibe FOR SURE.

A fall toned rainbow of bobble knit dog sweaters from left to right in navy, grey, moss, pumpkin & maple leaf
Photo Credit: Designed for Dog
a mustard coloured bobble knit human cowl scarf
Photo Credit: Jacqui Verbeek

How freaking cute are these?! They aren’t even made by the same seller but they are the perfect “co-ordinating without being matchy-matchy” pairing. I adore this style of knit (which is called “bobble knit” for those of use who know woof-all about knitting and can’t make anything larger than doll size cause we wreck the heck out of it.).

You can snag the dog sweater from Designed for Dog and the human cowl from Jacqui Verbeek, both on Etsy.

If you love to knit (unlike me, who ends up in a blind rage), you can absolutely make these yourself! Patterns for handmade dog sweaters dogs size S to XXL can but purchased from Pattern Museum and the DIY human cowl pattern can be purchased from Thimbleful World.

Photo Credit: Thimbleful World
a jack russell terrier in a colourful bobble knit sweater that you can knit yourself
Photo Credit: Pattern Museum

7. Co-ordinating leather collars and cuff bracelets are so fetch for a stylish dog mom.

a matching brown leather collar and cuff bracelet with custom black and white diamond geometric fabric accent.
Photo Credit: Argus Collar

I’m a huge fan of dog-centric fashion that doesn’t feel cartoony. This gorgeous understated black & white geometric pattern is my jam and IMO, Kol look dashing in B&W. Leather with a fabric accent is such a lovely upscale look. You can snag this matching collar and bracelet set or one of a handful of other pattern options at Argus Collar on Etsy.

Or, if you are feeling creative and want to make something personalized, my friend Rochelle from the Broke Dog has a fantastic, surprisingly easy tutorial on matching friendship collars and bracelets using leather (or vegan leather) and embroidery floss.

a black an white dog with a human wrist both sporting matching dark green leather collar and bracelet with jewel toned embroidery thread accents.
Photo Credit: Rochelle BaRoss at The Broke Dog

We’d love to see what you’re crafting for the dog lover in your life!

I need ideas and you guys are the most creative dog lovers I know. Share your projects in the comments below or head over to the Kol’s Notes facebook page.

Pint it for later!

a black & white boston terrier holding a craft paper gift bag. Text says: handmade gifts for dog lovers you can buy or make

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Friday 13th of November 2020

I can tell you that you did a great job. On my dog's birthdays. The Pono gift received is handcrafted from my hand. A member of my family is very nice and intelligent. I really love it.

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