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Tasty Tuesday: Gimme a Treat!

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♫ With treat toys by our side ♫
♪ We can work our bored mind ♪
♫ Let’s play this puzzle ♫
♪ to improve our way of life. ♪
♫ This toy is a test ♫
♪ the reward will taste the best ♪
♫ It’s time to work our brains ♫
♪ Let’s woof together ♪
♫ Doggies of the world today ♫
♪ Are you looking for a better way of life? ♪
♫ We are a part of a treat toy nation ♫
Alright Mama, that is quite enough. 
You’ve clearly been cooped up far, far too long. It’s is NOT the 80’s anymore. Take the legwarmers OFF and back away slowly. You’re supposed to be typing for me. Can we please get back to woofing work?! Yes? Good. Now where was I?? Oh right…We are HUGE fans of treat toys here at Casa de Kolchak.

Ever since Felix came home and I was a young pup, the Mama served all our kibbles in a variety of treat dispensing toys. Not only did it slow me down so I couldn’t inhale my meals (helping to prevent bloat and indigestion), it kept me busy and above all, it made my mind work.

Seriously, I could do this all day long.
Unless of course the Daddy comes home in the middle of our video shoot. Then I’m out.

Dogs need jobs.

Back in the day, any self respecting canine had work to do: herding sheep, hunting rabbits, all sorts of fun. Some dogs, like search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs or K9 Officers, still have jobs. But if you’re like me, the common haus hund, and your only job is to be cute for the common haus frau, then chances are you are only using your brain to manipulate your humans.

Many trainers teach that busy dogs are happier and well behaved and often have better relationships with their people. We believe in this at Casa de Kolchak. I was always much better behaved after a nice long wrassle with my KONG (affiliate link, but it’s a smokin’ deal!)Seriously, if you are a kibble fed dog, I highly recommend a treat toy to serve your meals. It’s absolutely woofing awesome.

I love my raw diet, but you can’t stuff raw in a treat toy.

Unless it was a Kong, it just wouldn’t work. It would get stuck. Just try knocking bits of raw food out of a KONG Wobbler. Good luck. So, for a while now, our favourite treat toys have been languishing on the shelf. The Mama seriously considered donating them to a rescue, but our obvious excitement every time she got got them out pushed her to find new and interesting ways to help us enjoy our favourite toys again.

Treat toys aren’t just for kibbles anymore.

Seriously, since the Mama has been out of commission this weekend with an itchy, icky illness, she has been filling our toys over and over again, as a way of apologizing for our lack of walks. Here are some fun ways to fill your toy – even if you aren’t a Kibble-fed K9:

  • Diced fresh carrot
  • dehydrated sweet potato chunks (Dice SP into 1/4″ cubes, bake all day at 150F)
  • Lean & Green treats
  • Frozen Peas
  • Fresh sweet peppers
  • Tuna Tasties (make sure they’re small!)
  • Fresh broccoli stem
  • Broken up liver chips
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Fresh apple chunks
  • dehydrated meat chunks  (Dice SP into 1/4″ cubes, bake all day at 150F)
Or even mix it up! So far, I think our favourite was a mix of dehydrated chicken breast, fresh carrot chunks and frozen peas! It was a surprise in every bite!
Pin ItThese are a few of my favourite things: (from top left) Canine Genius Leo, Dogzilla Steggin’ Egg, dehydrated sweet potato, Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug, frozen peas, dehydrated beef & fresh carrots. (affiliate links)
Do you use treat toys at your house? What do you fill them with??
♫ Doggies of the world today ♫
♪ Are you looking for a better way of life? ♪
♫ We are a part of a treat toy nation! ♫
Kol’s Note: Oh Mama…you are not cool.
the Mama’s note: Total 80’s cool points if you know what song I’ve been singing all day. Need a hint: It’s by my 2nd favouite Jackson.

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